Long Beach, once a rough-and-tumble Los Angeles naval and mercantile sailor’s area, is now a premier destination for vacationers. The City Beach is a long stretch of soft sand much loved by Californian sun worshippers, volleyball players, and joggers.

If you tire of the sun, sand and sea, there’s an art museum just off the beach as well as one that’s dedicated to contemporary Latin American art. There’s an aquarium at Rainbow Harbor that has a huge collection of ocean animals and plant life, with highlights that include a giant kelp forest and a giant Pacific octopus tank.

Dónde y qué comer en Long Beach

  • 6 Places Where Locals Love to Eat in Long Beach

    The dining scene in Long Beach has been influenced by the city’s diverse culture, with Latin, Asian, and Caribbean populations all showing their influence here. Beyond all-American favourites like burgers and fries, you'll find inspired California cuisine, classic Cambodian dishes, and even Peruvian fare. Venture into the city's eclectic neighbourhoods and experience a culinary adventure all your own. Long Beach is...

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Dónde y qué comprar en Long Beach

  • 5 Best Places to Go Shopping in Long Beach

    In Long Beach, you're never far from a little retail therapy. This busy beachfront city is home to several large outdoor shopping areas and diverse neighbourhoods that are home to equally diverse retailers ranging from funky local spots to modern, big-name retailers. Whether you're in the market for the latest beach fashions or retro-cool vintage clothing, you'll find it in...

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A dónde ir y qué hacer por las noches en Long Beach

  • 8 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Long Beach

    Long Beach has plenty of fun to offer by day, but that's just the beginning. When the sun goes down, the bar scene revs up. Or try something a little different: Join the lively crowd at a duelling piano show or experience some Spanish culture, then cap off your evening with a moonlit stroll by the waterfront. Long Beach is a...

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