Catalina Island, a small yet thrilling island off the coast of California near Los Angeles, is known as a hidden paradise that offers a wealth of both relaxation and adventure. The island, which had previously been inhabited by several different groups, began its transformation to a tourist destination and attraction in its own right in 1919, and travellers can enjoy that legacy today among the area’s rich history, serene beaches and thriving nightlife. Even getting around the island is fun since most travel is done via golf cart rather than car.

One of the most iconic attractions on this island is the Catalina Island Casino, which, despite the name, actually isn’t a place for gambling. Instead, it’s a cinema and ballroom steeped in nearly a century’s worth of history and sporting impressive architectural design. Tiled murals decorate the interior, and several lookout points are set around the building that allows you to gaze out into the water beyond. 

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