Kansas City bustles day and night. As you potter around its vibrant streets, you’ll be amazed at just how many cascading fountains you’ll stumble across – the city’s on par with Rome for its abundance of water features. Don’t miss attractions like the sprawling, Spanish-themed Country Club Plaza shopping district and the inspiring Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.

As night falls in Kansas City, the sounds of piano keys being tinkered with and saxophones being blown drift out of jazz bars, while the smell of grilled meat fills the air from the 100-plus barbeque joints dotted all over the city.

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Dónde y qué comer en Kansas City

  • 10 Great Restaurants in Kansas City

    Kansas City is best known for its excellent barbecue restaurants, but it has a lot more to offer. Straddling the states of Missouri and Kansas, the city has a bohemian image and an ever-growing arts scene. You’ll see this creativity and diversity reflected in the mix of places to eat, from fancy dining rooms serving high-end cuisine to trendy spaces...

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Dónde y qué comprar en Kansas City

  • 14 Best Shopping in Kansas City

    Kansas City is a wonderful shopping ground for people who enjoy the finer things in life. Almost every suburb of the city offers a sprawling mall or bustling strip to visit. Across the entire spectrum of name brands and independent designers, there are countless high-quality fashion boutiques, gift shops and homewares outlets. If you're planning a visit to Kansas City, be...

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A dónde ir y qué hacer por las noches en Kansas City

  • 10 Best Nightlife Districts in Kansas City

    Here's a rundown of the best nightlife districts in Kansas City. It's the Midwest’s best when it comes to spending a night on the town. Each of the city’s districts has its own charm, showcasing endless opportunities to drink, dine, and party from sunset to sunrise.  You can sip cocktails in a wealth of glitzy nightclubs or head to the hippest...

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  • Kansas City Travel Essentials

    Our Kansas City Travel Essentials lays out the essential information you need to help you plan your trip to one of the most popular destinations in Missouri, USA. No matter how frequently you travel, some questions will always need answers: What’s the weather like? How can I get from Kansas City International Airport to my hotel? What currency and type...

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