Montauk is a village in New York on the east end of Long Island, famed for beaches, state parks, museums and historical sites to explore. Ditch Plains beach offers a dramatic coastline with strong waves famous for surfing and body boarding. Amsterdam Beach State Park provides 80 hectares of undeveloped coastline with hiking, verdant forests and rugged coasts. Montauk State Park is the home of several historical spots like the Montauk Point Lighthouse, which dates to 1796 and hosts a museum displaying old documents, some of which were signed by George Washington.

At Camp Hero State Park, visitors have the chance to explore bunkers and a radar tower dating back to WWII. Montauk Country Park showcases a former cattle ranch, now turned into a recreational area. St. Therese of Lisieux is a historic church with quaint architecture and peaceful surroundings. The Montauk Indian Museum showcases hundreds of artefacts from the indigenous peoples who inhabited this area hundreds of years before Europeans arrived.

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  • 10 Best Things to Do in Montauk

    Montauk is a Long Island village famed for its beaches, historic locations, museums, and state parks. While on holiday here, you can see a lighthouse dating to the late 18th century, visit a state park that once served as a military base, relax on soft sands, or wade in the Atlantic Ocean surf. Whether you're on a family trip or a...

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