In Toulouse, you'll find yourself surrounded by artwork both old and new. Visit galleries such as EXPRMNTL Galerie, showcasing the cutting edge of modern art. Then make sure you visit the Musée des Augustins – a collection of paintings and sculptures from as far back as the Middle Ages – and the more modern and contemporary art-focused Musée Les Abattoirs.

Enjoy the excellent local cuisine – make sure you try the regional speciality, the meat and white bean stew known as cassoulet – before going out for a night on the town at one of the many popular bars along Place Saint-Pierre.

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  • 10 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Toulouse

    The best things to do after dinner in Toulouse let you experience some of the city’s most vibrant nightlife scenes. There are lively spots where you can enjoy all types of music and even dance until dawn. Some other nightspots in Toulouse are simply unique – you won’t find them in any other city. Toulouse will please you with outstanding operas,...

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  • Toulouse Travel Essentials

    Our Toulouse Travel Essentials lays out the essential information you need to help you plan your trip to one of the most popular destinations in Occitanie, France. No matter how frequently you travel, some questions will always need answers: What’s the weather like? How can I get from Toulouse–Blagnac Airport to my hotel? What currency and type of plug do...

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