In Biarritz, enjoy the surf – or just relax beachside – at the vibrant Grand Plage Beach. Or, wait for low tide to visit the less crowded Cote de Basque – the high tide almost completely covers the sand. There’s a booming nightlife scene as well, with dance clubs hosting world-famous DJs.  

Near the water, you’ll find the Museum of the Sea, an aquarium that hosts a diverse array of underwater species – while also educating visitors on the area’s fascinating maritime history. Further inland, the Asiatica Oriental Art Museum houses a unique private collection of Asian art and artefacts.

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  • 11 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Biarritz

    The best things to do after dinner in Biarritz offer many types of nightlife entertainment. Biarritz is a very spectacular city and nature-lovers will admire the sun going down over the ocean. You can complement this natural show with a signature cocktail or an excellent French wine on one of the rooftops or beachfront terraces. If you’re a party person, head...

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