Corsica is an island in the south-eastern Mediterranean coast of France. Nicknamed the ‘Isle of Beauty’, it’s an excellent resort destination thanks to its pristine bays and beaches, as well as lush forests and cliffs. Naturally, active travellers can enjoy outdoor fun such as snorkelling, hiking, boating and horseback riding during their holiday.

The towns of Corsica have a distinctive Italian culture – locals preserve their unique history through cultural celebrations, historic sites, music and arts. There’s a lot to experience in Corsica, whether you’re holidaying in the large cities – Bastia and Bonifacio – or getting away from it all at the island’s remote villages like Vizzavona and Algajola.

Principales destinos en Corsica

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  • Haute-Corse

    Haute-Corse or Upper Corsica is a popular part of the island of Corsica where travellers can enjoy picturesque cities and natural landscapes. One of the most popular cities to visit is Bastia, which is a commune with several historic sites like the Romieu Public Garden and the Governor’s Citadel and Palace. Of course, you’ll also find an impressive culinary scene...

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Qué ver y hacer en Corsica

Artículos destacados y divertidos

Things to do in Corsica include cultural heritage sites, leisure activities, outdoor adventures with walking and hiking, endless beaches, shopping, dining and endless other things. This mountainous island in the Mediterranean offers quaint, quiet coastal towns, craggy peaks with astonishing seaside views, dense forests and even bohemian cities.Experiences can be found here for all ages. You can visit Scandola National Park to go hiking and view sea eagles. You can...

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Dónde y qué comer en Corsica

Food and Dining in Corsica highlights the island's unique fusion of French and Italian culture, with fine wines, fresh ingredients and everything from stews to seafood or wild boar. No fewer than 20 farm-inns bear the 'Bienvenue à la Ferme' label, which is a Chamber of Agriculture stamp of quality and a sign that you can sample local specialty dishes here. Restaurants like A Casella and Octopussy let you eat right...

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Dónde y qué comprar en Corsica

A dónde ir y qué hacer por las noches en Corsica

  • 10 Best Beach Clubs and Bars in Corsica

    The best beach clubs and bars in Corsica also happen to be among the most vibrant bars and clubs in Europe. This makes them well-worth putting on your travel list, especially if your idea of a holiday includes plenty of interaction with the sand and sea. Corsica’s beach bars and clubs are refreshing places to unwind after spending your morning...

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Information about Corsica showcases a diverse, vibrant, and friendly island country formed by a unique fusion of two cultures that come together to create something truly extraordinary. At local Tourist Offices, you can find everything you need to know. No fewer than 20 of these are found throughout the island and are staffed by friendly professional guides who are happy to help you with attractions, lodging and great deals on...

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