Herefordshire is a West Midlands county offering a wide range of historic, natural and modern attractions to thrill adults and kids of any age. Several National Trust locations can be found here, including the 14th-century manor house at Brockhampton, the landmark Croft Castle and Parkland, and the historic mansion and gardens at Berrington Hall. Hampton Court Castle allows for tours of a Grade I historic building and offers a maze to explore. Kids will wonder at the fairy-tale-like forests at Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo, while arts and culture enthusiasts will thrill to the heritage collections at the Hereford Museum and Art Gallery.

King Arthur’s Cave is a mysterious limestone cave that was occupied during the Upper Palaeolithic era where woolly mammoth bones and flint tools have been found. Herefordshire also has a number of spots to get back to nature and reconnect with the world, including Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, Black Hill, Hergest Ridge, Midsummer Hill and Golden Valley.

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  • 10 Best Things to Do in Herefordshire

    Herefordshire is home to a stunning cathedral city as well as a rich mix of attractions and experiences for a memorable trip, including the Hereford Cathedral and its Mappa Mundi. You’ll have your choice of activities, from solving the mysteries of Puzzlewood to exploring ruined fortresses like Croft Castle. Plenty of outdoor adventures can be found in Herefordshire, especially in...

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