Altrincham is a quaint market town near Manchester that dates back centuries and still preserves its historic roots while offering picturesque glimpses into the local natural wonders. The shopping opportunities are especially varied, with selections at the sleek modernist buildings on George Street displaying high-quality products and the latest fashion straight from the runway. Still, The Old Market Place creates a more historic atmosphere with its timber-framed design sitting on the site of the original settlement.

This town is a must-visit for travellers looking for serene natural features and historic splendour. Of the 21 conservation areas in the borough of Trafford, 10 are within Altrincham. For visitors more interested in the local culture, the town has no shortage of festivals, such as its own unique late summer music festival called the Goose Green Festival. Art galleries and theatres are also prominent throughout the town with award-winning productions.

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  • 10 Best Things to Do in Altrincham

    Altrincham is a fun market town in Greater Manchester with many games, historical sites, gardens and drinking opportunities. You'll find historic listed buildings open for visiting along with vibrant gardens perfect for a lovely stroll. For something a bit more exciting, you can opt for an escape game to see if you have the brains to solve the puzzle in an...

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