Parque Warner Madrid offers a movie studio theme park experience where you can ride a variety of thrill rides and coasters based on Hollywood blockbusters. From your favourite DC Comics superheroes like Superman and Batman to a replica of Hollywood Boulevard, water rides, roller coasters, animated characters and a Wild West area, you can find an entire world of adventure and excitement here. You'll learn all about the art of moviemaking while having a family or romantic couple's adventure that can go on for days.

One of several Warner Bros. theme parks across the world, this one lets you experience old-fashioned and historic wooden roller coasters, take a cinematic slot-car ride and enjoy other rides, games and live entertainment. It's the ideal place to make memories, meet your favourite characters, forget about your cares and return to your childhood for a little while.

Parque Warner Madrid in Madrid - one of the highlights of 10 Things to Do with Your Family in Madrid and 8 Interesting Facts About Madrid (Read all about Madrid here)

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What are the highlights of Parque Warner Madrid?

Highlights of Parque Warner Madrid include everything from superheroes to Hollywood royalty, giant thrill rides, cartoon characters from your childhood and beyond. It starts with the Hollywood Boulevard entrance area, a recreation of the iconic LA location. From there, move on to DC Super Heroes World where you can ride the Batman Arkham Asylum inverted roller coaster, the Superman floorless roller coaster and rides themed around DC villains.

Next you can visit the Movie World Studios and ride the Stunt Fall inverted boomerang, experience a haunted hotel ride or enjoy the Cine Tour slot-car ride. At the Old West Territory, you can hit several water rides, including the Rio Bravo ride. At Cartoon Village, you'll ride more roller coasters themed around Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo, The Flintstones, Bugs Bunny and other Looney Tunes characters, and many other favourite characters from your childhood.

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A brief history of Parque Warner Madrid

Parque Warner Madrid opened as Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid in 2002 with 10,000 guests and celebrities including Christopher Lambert and Bo Derek in attendance. It was originally managed by Six Flags until the company sold its share and Movie World went back to Time Warner. It was renamed Warner Bros. Park and later Parque Warner Madrid. It added live entertainment shows to the lineup based on recent and classic Warner Bros. hits. By 2008, new shows were added based on classic WB cartoon properties as well as new rides.

By June 2014, the park added a full water park spanning 30,000 square metres and featuring wave pools, a lazy river and kids' water play areas themed around Looney Tunes, DC Comics and Hanna-Barbera characters. Today it offers 42 attractions including 6 roller coasters and a wide range of live shows, games, food and fun for the entire family.

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What else is good to know about Parque Warner Madrid?

Parque Warner Madrid permits guide dogs in the park, but other pets are not permitted. Wheeled transportation including skates, bicycles, scooters and skateboards is prohibited. If you need to leave the park but plan on returning, you must inform the staff so that you can be properly identified on re-entry. Photographs may be taken of you while you are at the park and may be provided for sale as souvenirs by properly credentialed photographers. Food and drink are restricted to designated areas. Selfie sticks are prohibited for safety reasons.

Parque Warner Madrid is accessible for people with disabilities. Discounted tickets are available, and cards will be provided allowing for fast access to each of the attractions with the presentation of an Official Disabled Person Card (33% or higher). Those with disabilities may bring up to 3 people with them who must ride together to take advantage of the priority access.

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Parque Warner Madrid in Madrid

Ubicación: A-4, salida 22, 28330 San Martín de la Vega, Madrid, Spain

Horarios: Saturday–Sunday from noon to 8 pm (closed Monday–Friday)

Teléfono: +34 912 00 07 92