Museo Sorolla in Madrid is a world-class museum dedicated to the works of artist Joaquin Sorolla, a famous portrait and landscape artist. The museum also showcases works from his family members, including his daughter Elena, an accomplished sculptor and painter.

The permanent collection includes Sorolla’s paintings, photography and period rooms that showcase the artist’s life, including a well-lit studio with his works. Thousands of art lovers and historic enthusiasts flock to Museo Sorolla each year for an intimate glimpse into the artist’s life and work. On average, visitors spend an hour or 2 exploring the museum.

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What are the highlights of Museo Sorolla in Madrid?

Located in the former home of the artist, Museo Sorolla holds over 1,200 paintings from Sorolla and stands as one of the best-preserved artist’s houses in Europe. Many of the paintings are exhibited in the period-furnished rooms, such as the Andalusian patio, the dining room, the living room and Sorolla’s studio.

One of the best sights at the museum is the garden, which is divided into 3 distinct themes. The first surrounds a marble fountain with a portico, while the second features peaceful fountains and a pool. The third garden’s centrepiece is the ‘Fountain of Confidences’, a sculptural fountain with seating areas that overlook the street.

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What else is good to know about Museo Sorolla in Madrid?

Museo Sorolla offers temporary exhibitions that complement its permanent collection. Some of these include highlights of Sorolla’s family members’ art or exhibitions focused on a particular period of his life. The museum also hosts events, such as themed writing contests, music recitals, concerts and drawing and painting classes.

While you’re welcome to tour Museo Sorolla on your own, you can book a guided tour to ensure you experience all the museum has to offer. Tours are available for groups or individuals and feature guides specialised in the collection or in art history. Spanish, English and French guides are available.

Museo Sorolla in Madrid

Ubicación: P.º del Gral. Martínez Campos, 37, 28010 Madrid, Spain

Horarios: Tuesday–Saturday from 9.30 am to 8 pm, Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm (closed on Mondays)

Teléfono: +34 913 10 15 84