Cybele Palace is an ornate, 2-building complex in Madrid with historical significance, now home to both Madrid’s City Council and the cultural centre CentroCentro, which serves the public. Originally the city's mail and telephone communications hub, the palace still commonly participates in hosting varied events and exhibitions, utilising the old gardens of Buen Retiro.

With its clear modernist, neo-plateresque architecture, Cybele Palace is an enduring centre of symbolism as well as action in Madrid, as the site of the organised management of the city's administrative and political affairs. Offering free admission, Cybele Palace is a popular sight to see for everyone.

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What are the highlights of Cybele Palace in Madrid?

Cybele Palace continues to offer cultural information about Madrid beside its former postal and telegraph offices, and a cafeteria and chapel for group meetings are nearby. The restaurants Coleccion Cibeles and Palacio de Cibeles are also available on the ground and 6th floors, respectively.

The Terraza Cibeles, also on the 6th floor, boasts an astounding rooftop view of the plaza and a bar for a drink or snack as you take in the city skyline. Similarly, the Mirador observation deck on the 8th floor provides an alternative look at the entirety of Madrid, and free guided tours are offered in Spanish, English, Italian and French.

What else is good to know about Cybele Palace in Madrid?

Cybele Palace is located in the Los Jerónimos neighbourhood in the Retiro district, most easily reachable by line 2 of the Banco de Espana metro station or the train from the Madrid to the Recoletos stops.

The nearest place of cultural interest to Cybele Palace is Plaza de Cibeles, which includes a neo-classical arrangement of marble sculptures and fountains that are a prominent feature of the city. Other nearby places of interest include Casa de la Villa, Casa de Cisneros, Buenavista Palace, the Palace of Linares, the Bank of Spain, Hipódromo de la Castellana, the Naval Museum of Madrid and the National Archaeological Museum.

Cybele Palace in Madrid

Ubicación: 28014 Madrid, Spain