Turku is a prominent city on the southwest coast of Finland. It's one of the country’s former capitals and previous European Capital of Culture. The city also earned the title of ‘Food Capital of Finland’ because it’s home to many of the country’s oldest and most highly rated restaurants. As you might expect of a coastal city, the local cuisine focuses on seafood, but there are plenty of international flavours here, too. 

But there’s more to Turku than just food. The city’s long and fascinating history has left it with an array of beautiful streets, buildings and monuments dotting its modern skyline. If cityscapes aren’t your thing, the Turku Archipelago creates a winding network of fjords that you could easily spend years exploring. Even the city itself has a wealth of green spaces if you’re looking for some peace and quiet without having to take a boat trip. 

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  • 10 Best Things to Do This Summer in Turku

    The best things to do this summer in Turku take full advantage of the fantastic weather you’ll find in Finland at this time of year. You may think of the country as primarily ice and snow, beautiful Scandinavian architecture and design, and lots and lots of little islands. However, there’s so much more to Finland than this, especially in Turku...

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